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"This woman deserves a standing ovation! She has written a book for all ages of women who can relate...I enjoyed every page as I couldnt put this book down WOoooW and I usually dont like testimony reads but this one wad worth it. Itll make you want to be a better woman."

AskTerry, Relationship Blogger

"Excellent, well written memoir. The author gained and held my attention throughout the entire book." -KAJ

"I absolutely loved the material in this book. I wish it was out a long time ago. I recommend that every teenager from the age 15 and up get a copy of this book .....This book is filled with great christian viewpoints. I'm almost certain there is something in this book that evry female can either use or relate to." -KH

"I bought this book to preview it and gift it for my daughter who has accomplished most of her life goals including getting an MBA but could not find a husband. I enjoyed reading this book and saw myself in it when I was single ... Just shows if we just be still and let God work, he will prepare us to go down the aisle."
-Janice R Love
Author of One Plus One Equals Ten: A First Lady's Survival Guide for Stepmoms.

"This book is absolutely amazing! It kept my attention as it took me on an emotional roller coaster! This is a good read for any woman who looking for a mate, or even if you are already in a relationship. I am definitely ready for a part 2!" -BP

"Took this book on vacation with me and once I picked it up it was hard to put it down. It seem to just get better and better then... it just took off. I found myself posting quotes onto my face book page. Words I felt should not be confined to the pages in the book but screamed to be free so the world could hear and ponder." -JB


"...thank you for being transparent enough to share your experiences in life with the world. This work has been interesting to read because I can relate to so many events listed---from family secrets to God's grace and favor." -SL