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Terry Cato (Author, Entrepreneur, and Media Personality) has always had a love for reading and writing. Her earliest memory of writing was in kindergarten when she would write sentences in her coloring books describing the pictures she saw on the pages before she colored them.


Terry attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she obtained her Undergraduate degree in Marketing and a Master’s degree in Sports Administration from the United States Sports Academy. She obtained a Diploma in Practical Theology from Azusa World Ministries Training Institute in Phoenix, Arizona; and has worked in the entertainment industry for professional sport franchises prior to starting her own business enterprise. A serial entrepreneur, who has a passion for helping others, she is the Executive Producer and Host of Real Talk w/Terry, a lifestyle and relationship-based TV talk show and podcast. 


In her spare time Terry is a gym enthusiast, who loves to cook and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and children. 

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