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Single, but want to be married?


“No Longer A Bridesmaid!” offers practical, Bible-based suggestions, tips, and strategies for today's single, Christian woman. Based on the author's own experiences as well as her in-depth research and observations, this book shares a modern-day, realistic path from being a forever bridesmaid to becoming a bride - and wife.


Terry Cato shares insight based on her seven-year journey that prepared her for her husband and the marriage she enjoys today. She offers lessons from her own experience, as well as what she has learned working with single women. Single, Christian women face many issues when praying for a mate.

Cato addresses many of these in plain language, and in an easy-to-understand manner so you can apply the tools, tips, and strategies to your own life.

"Excellent, well written memoir. The author gained and held my attention throughout the entire book." -KAJ


"...thank you for being transparent enough to share your experiences in life with the world. This work has been interesting to read because I can relate to so many events listed---from family secrets to God's grace and favor." -SL

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